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The Abraham Lincoln Research Site website is produced by Roger Norton, who taught American History in middle school in Downers Grove, Illinois, USA, for 28 years before retiring to Florida.

The Abraham Lincoln Research Site is organized into three main sections: Research Site, Abraham Lincoln Assassination, and Mary Todd Lincoln. There is also a section of Lincoln Links. The Abraham Lincoln Assassination section gives detail on the background to the assassination, and the likely motives of John Wilkes Booth.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library This site details many different aspects of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th U.S. President, his family, assassination and the memorials, museums and coins in memory of him.

A few of the articles, Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln Presidential Library, Lincoln Museum, Abraham Lincoln Penny, Abraham Lincoln Family, Abraham Lincoln Jokes, Facts About Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln Memorial, Lincoln Assassination & Abraham Lincoln Quotes.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum A must see in Springfield, Illinois
Abraham Lincoln Online - http://showcase.netins.net/web/creative/lincoln.html
A guide to Abraham Lincoln information on the web which includes links to Lincoln related educational sites, historical sites, and bookstores. Links to recently posted information are also available . Find out what happened this week in Lincoln history or view the latest Lincoln news.
The History Place - http://www.historyplace.com/lincoln/index.html
Provides a timeline of relevant dates is Abraham Lincoln's life. It also includes portrait of Lincoln photographs of the Civil War, and transcripts of selected Lincoln letters and speeches. The History Place also provides a timeline of the Civil War.
The White House, Presidents - http://www.whitehouse.gov/history/presidents/al16.html
Part of the presidential history section of the White House server. It includes a short biography of Lincoln, links to the first and second inaugural addresses, and links to favorite Lincoln quotes.
ipl2 Librarian - http://www.ipl.org/ref/POTUS/alincoln.html
Maintained by the Internet Public Library as a part of the Presidents of the United States (POTUS) series. This site contains a brief roster of facts, including election results and a list of Lincoln's cabinet members. There are also links available to web sites with information about cabinet members and other politicians associated with Lincoln.
Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library, Library of Congress - http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/alhtml/alhome.html
Maintained by the Library of Congress. This web site includes a gallery of Lincoln manuscripts from the Robert Todd Lincoln and Alfred Whital Stern collections of the Library of Congress.
Sheet Music About Lincoln, Library of Congress - http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/scsmhtml/scsmhome.html
This site contains images of sheet music, along with transcriptions of their lyrics and publication information, which can be downloaded. This collection of sheet music from the Alfred Whital Stern collection of Lincolniana can be searched by subect, title, author, etc.
The Papers of Abraham Lincoln - http://www.papersofabrahamlincoln.org
This site contains a brief history of Lincoln's law practice and a description of the progress of the project in finding documents to include. The site also includes a bibliography of works about Lincoln and electronic copies of past newsletters.
Local Springfield Illinois Sites
Looking For Lincoln - http://www.LookingForLincoln.com
Looking for Lincoln is a new heritage tourism project for the Central Illinois area. The program, which includes participation from 10 central Illinois communities, is being developed based on the stories of Abraham Lincoln's life and times throughout the area.
Illinois Tourism - http://www.EnjoyIllinois.com
Let the official State of Illinois Tourism Web site guide you through Illinois. Everything from hiking/biking trails, to historic main streets & villages, to world class sports, restaurants, clubs, and theater.
The City of Springfield - http://www.visit-springfieldillinois.com/
Welcome to Springfield, Illinois, a city that offers you everything you're looking for in an unforgettable vacation. From our historic Lincoln attractions to our national art shows, from the Illinois State Fair to the ethnic festival - great adventures await your discovery.





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