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Collectible C&IM Railroad Calendars
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Because the Village of New Salem, Illinois is in close proximity to the tracks of the Chicago & Illinois Midland Railway, it was determined a quarter of a century ago that it would be most appropriate for the Midland to 'picturize' the live of Abraham Lincoln during his character building years at or in the vicinity of New Salem.

The Chicago & Illinois Midland Company News magazine describes the 25 series calendars from 1931 through 1955.

The News magazine contains 32 pages (plus the front and back cover) describing the project and the 25 calendars. This photo depicts the front cover of the magazine.

A fire at the C&IM Railroad warehouse destroyed all available inventory of calendars. These calendars were obtained from private individuals.

Prints Available:
25.5"  x 18.5" FULL COLOR PRINTS

Thumbnail Subject Item #
Because the Calendars were removed some of the prints have a
very small rip in the bottom edge, but most are in excellent condition.
Image Not Available Lincoln the Wrestler - Slightly torn at bottom and small in picture - 1937
Image Not Available Lincoln the Soldier - 1939
Image Not Available Goin' Fishin' - ?? cim-10
Pioneer Transportation, Lincoln's second flatboat trip to New Orleans stalled at New Salem, Illinois when the flatboat was hung up on the mill dam. - Torn 1/2" spot on bottom - 1941 cim-16
Postmaster Lincoln, Lincoln was Postmaster of the Village of New Salem from 1833-1836. - 1942
Lincoln, the Thinker, After reading, Lincoln would, on many occasions, stop and reflect on what he read. - 1945 cim-20
Lincoln and Industry, Lincoln approaches the New Salem carding machine. New Salem had many pioneer industries. - Torn 1" on bottom - 1946 cim-21
Romance, Did Abraham Lincoln and Ann Rutledge, sitting before the great fireplace in the Rutledge Tavern at New Salem, see the promise of happiness in each other's eyes? - 1947 cim-22
Lincoln, the Campaigner, Lincoln campaigned in New Salem, for the State Legislature. He lost his first election County-wide, but won the New Salem vote. - 1948 cim-23
Lincoln, the Pilot, After two flatboat trips to New Orleans, twenty-two year old Abe Lincoln qualified as a riverman. In the Spring of 1832, he helped pilot the Talisman steamer on the Illinois and Sangamon rivers. - 1950 cim-25
Lincoln and Mary Owens, At the age of 27, Lincoln had a short love affair with Mary Owens of Kentucky. - 1951 cim-26
Lincoln, the Circuit Rider, Lincoln rode the 8th Judicial Circuit in one-horse shay. - 1952 cim-27
Abraham Lincoln, Candidate, Lincoln ran for State Legislature, Congress & Senate - 1953
One Torn Copy Available
Lincoln, for President, Notified of his nomination for the U.S. Presidency at home on May 19, 1860 - 1954 cim-29
Farewell to Illinois, On the day before his 52nd birthday, Abraham Lincoln left Springfield by train bound for Washington, D.C. - 1955 SOLD OUT

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