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Ostendorf Positives
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Lincoln art work positives

The following 'positives' were used for the promotion of special events in promoting tourism and the books, Abraham Lincoln, the Boy ~ the Man and Cliff Hangers, along with the promotion of the Lincoln Heritage Trail. All were used with the permission of all interested parties who possess ownership of the original art work from which these positives originated. The majority of this collection was originated by the late artist Lloyd Ostendorf, of whom Phil Wagner was agent for many years. All positives are on glossies.

Thumbnail Subject
Item #

Captain Abraham Lincoln in buckskins

Lincoln, the Circuit Lawyer

Lincoln, the Student

Council of War
The Young Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln

President-elect Lincoln bids farewell to his Stepmother.

Young Abe Lincoln, the Rail-Splitter

Measuring up to Lincoln

President Lincoln at prayer

Young Abe Lincoln - Musician
Relaxing with Lincoln

Young Abe Lincoln, the Hunter

Mr. Lincoln returns home from the market

A Walking Lincoln

Young Lincoln building a flat boat

National Guard logo for National Guard museum exhibit

Abe Lincoln, riverboat pilot
owned by John Eden
Positive from engraving owned by John Eden
Abraham Lincoln engraving

Logo for Illinois National Guard

Lincoln attends cornerstone laying of the old State Capitol building

Lincoln identifying his Black Hawk War troops so they can receive their wages
Lincoln, assistant pilot on the steamboat Talisman
Lincoln advising first Republican Governor of Illinois in front of the Governor's Mansion
Walking Lincoln at New Salem (1831-1837)

Lincoln being congratulated for winning seat in Congress

Lincoln opens a bank account
Lincoln borrowing law books


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