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Lincoln's Home Town
24-Karat Gold-Plate
Collectible Ornament Series
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Frank Lloyd Wright's Dana-Thomas House
Limited Edition Prints by Artist/Designer Stan Squires
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City of Springfield Collection - Ostendorf Originals
Positives from original ink and wash by Lloyd Ostendorf

(To promote tourism for individuals and businesses in Springfield and surrounding areas)

The following ink and wash originals are owned by the City of Springfield. Each subject was to represent a trade or industry in the Springfield area, to promote tourism. A change in the Convention and Tourism C.E.O. stopped the project. Phil Wagner spearheaded this effort. Dr. Wayne Temple wrote the historical significance of each ink and wash. Ostendorf and Wagner made negatives, positives, and prints of each picture before delivery. Most of those ink and wash originals will display a master mark showing a W with a P and a T on respective arms of the W. This was a joint venture to promote Lincoln and central Illinois. A promotional booklet was written by Dr. Wayne Temple, but Tourism did not complete the project. (None of the present Convention and Tourism personnel were involved.)
Thumnail Subject
Item #
Lincoln leaves for Washington, D.C. from Springfield, Illinois 105-2-48
Dinner with the Lincolns 105-2-47
Lincoln becomes a lawyer 106-3-14
Lincoln the cook 106-3-16
Abraham Lincoln purchases a bridle 107-2-43
Representative Lincoln gives a toast 107-2-42 & 41
Young Abe Lincoln arrives in Sangamon County by canoe 108-2-46
State Representative Lincoln pays his debt 108-2-45
Mrs. Lincoln serves cake to Ralph Emerson 109-2-40
Abraham Lincoln entertains with funny stories SOLD OUT 109-2-39
Abraham Lincoln, Assistant Parade Marshal 109-2-37
Abraham Lincoln works in a 'still house' 110-2-36
Candidate Abraham Lincoln gives a speech 110-2-35
Abraham Lincoln arrives in Springfield 110-2-34
Lincoln shows ex-President VanBuren the new State Capitol building 111-2-33
Lincoln returns a 'poll book' 111-2-32
Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln expand their home 111-2-31
Lincoln in his temporary office in State House 112-3-17
Black Hawk War volunteers SOLD OUT 112-3-13
Lincoln Purchase Land Grant 112-3-15
Lincoln meets Denton Offutt about a Job 113-3-19

Lincoln meets Daniel Webster


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