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Lloyd Ostendorf -- Author & Artist

Using photograph and drawings, Lloyd Ostendrof brings to life all the well-known episodes, and some less well-known, that occurred during the fifty-six years of Lincoln's life. The day he fell into Knob Creek and nearly drowned, his experience taking cargo down the Mississippi to New Orleans on a flatboat, and the plot to assassinate him as he and his party made their way to Washington for the first inauguration may be less familiar to us than Lincoln doing long division on the wooden fire shovel. Skillfully and with the most careful attention to detail, Lloyd Ostendrof recreates these and one hundred and fifty other events.

The brief text supplements, the illustrations and tells the facts about each of the pictures. The authentic photographs, together with the action drawings, provide the young reader with an accurate fascinating panorama of the life history of one of our greatest Americans. OVER 225 drawings and photographs picturing the full life story of LINCOLN.

Author and Artist Lloyd Ostendrof is a gifted artist and photographer. Lincoliana has been his hobby for over 50 years. The list of historical societies to which he belongs goes on and on, as does the list of publications to which he has contributed. Photographs from his large CIVIL WAR collection appear in the American heritage "Picture History of the Civil War." Since his early teens he has been fascinated by Lincoln, and as he says, "A quarter of a century of collecting his pictures, drawing his likeness for fun and for publication was bound to result some day in a book. This is it."



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