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Greg Walbert -- Artist & Designer

Illustration is more than capturing a likeness. Greg Walbert has a style that takes full advantage of the expressive and dynamic nature of illustration, as demonstrated by the "Lincoln Portrait" series. Four portraits that reflect transitions in the life of our 16th president. Each done in a loose, expressive style. Accompanied by famous quotes from, and about, our nation's greatest president. Sold individually or in sets of four, these limited edition prints will serve as a stately addition to any home or office.

Greg Walbert is a lifelong resident of Mr. Lincoln's hometown, Springfield, Illinois. A Visual Communications graduate of Eastern Illinois University, he works as a graphic designer, specializing in corporate identity, and illustrator, with a passion for colored pencils and expressive, loose line interpretations.

"Pencils allow me to be spontaneous, expressive and loose. There is a life to every image, and I want the image I create to have a texture and a depth that goes beyond an accurate representation, and draws the viewer in."

Consider making these limited edition portraits a part of your home or office.
Greg Walbert Design 217-553-2655.



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