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The Lincoln-Berry Connection

The Lincoln-Berry Connection is operated as a side-venture to a farmer and Lincoln fan, Bob Sampson. Profits will be donated to New Salem's Lincoln League and other local organizations.

In the 1930's Sampson's father expanded the Berry Farm and included a 40-acre tract, joining a similar tract of land owned by Reverend Cameron, the founder of New Salem. In the early 1900s, the Berry house was converted into a corn crib and eventually abandoned, allowed to decay and to be overgrown with brush and vines, until it was documented, salvaged, and razed in 2001.

Since these are a limited volume of items, they are currently only available via direct contact.

You can either e-mail or call Mr. Sampson for more information.

Proprietor: Robert Sampson
Telephone Number:
E-mail address: rrsampson@lincolnberry.com

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