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Joseph Boggs -- Artist & Illustrator

Long time Springfield Artist and Illustrator Joseph Boggs is "Drawing Attention". He has been commissioned by many people in and around the Springfield area for his custom artwork. Pen and ink portraits of homes, people and pets are his specialty however, he enjoys calligraphy, sign painting, ink and watercolor, pencil and charcoal drawings as well. Much of his work has been published and he is available to do artwork for anyone else in need of art for books.

A Limited Edition Print is now available featuring Mr. Lincoln as a young man in front of his Springfield Home and as President Lincoln in front of the white House. His famous speech, given on February 11, 1861 at the Depot in Springfield, Illinois is hand lettered in the center of the print. Mr. Lincoln and his son Tad appear looking out of the windows.

Custom Artwork by J.M. Boggs



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