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Original ink art work by Lloyd Ostendorf

Click Picture for Larger View17-1-12 Original

Subject: Lincoln cuts down a 'raccoon tree' in Athens, Illinois

Description: Depicts young Abe swinging an ax to cut down a tree with a raccoon in it. A dog is waiting for the tree to fall to catch the raccoon for the food and fur. The Colonel Matthew Rogers General Store and Post Office is in the background. This is one of four prints referred to as The Long Nine Collection. This story is documented in a book of reminiscences by the grandson of Henry Rogers, the son of Colonel Rogers. Henry Rogers, the proprietor of the General Store, loaned young Abe an ax from his store to chop down a 'raccoon tree'.

A copy of these reminiscences are a part of the Phil Wagner Lincoln collection.

Original: Ink art work 11.5" x 14" on artist board $1200.00


Prints: 388 available $10.00 each
* Note: These prints were made by the Donnelley Press in Chicago, Illinois. They used a double dot printing system and the prints look like the originals.



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