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Original ink and wash by Ostendorf 1983

Click Picture for Larger View14-1-21 Original

Subject: Abe Lincoln, the Postmaster, delivering mail on the Post Road in New Salem area on the 150th anniversary of Abe Lincoln, the Postmaster.

Description: Lincoln, delivering mail along the Post Road at New Salem. This art work was designed to make buttons as a memento for those walking the 22 miles from New Salem to Springfield over the old Post Road.

The art work inspired a bronze and silver medal with ribbon, using this artwork to cast these medals. Only a few were distributed because the weather was approximately 1001 and the humidity was very high, so very few people completed the 22 miles. All remaining medals were destroyed. Researched by Dr. Wayne Temple.

Original: Ink and wash 11" x 14" on artist board $750.0




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