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Original ink and wash by Lloyd Ostendorf

Click Picture for Larger View19-1-6 Original

Subject: A toast by Abraham Lincoln on August 3, 1837. Long Nine banquet scene with six (6) other members of the Long Nine, which consisted of two State Senators and seven State Representatives.

Description: Lincoln standing, giving a toast. Standing, left to right, are Representative Dan Stone and Lincoln. Seated, left to right, are Representative Ninian W. Edwards (Lincoln's brother-in-law who looked a lot like Lincoln), Representative William Elkin (front left), Representative Robert L. Wilson, Representative Andrew McCormick, and Senator Archer G. Herndon. Senator Job Fletcher and Representative John Dawson could not attend.

This was a great celebration. The mirror in the rear of the picture shows the heads of the some 100 guests and a rear view of Lincoln's head, as a more mature man, as if seeing him in the future (by the artist). These 9 legislators averaged over 6 feet tall ~ Long Nine. The banquet was held on the second floor of the Colonel Matthew Rogers Store on Main Street in Athens, Illinois. Researched by Dr. Wayne Temple.

This is one of four produced to be referred to as the Long Nine Museum Collection.

This celebration was described in James Hickey's book, The Three R's in Lincoln's Life. It was also described in the memories of grandson of Henry Rogers Abe in Athens.

Original: Ink and wash 16" x 11.5" on artist board


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