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Original chalk pencil-wash by the late Ostendorf

Click Picture for Larger View6-1-71

Subject: 'Aging of a President' on the second floor of the Lincoln Home (in Lincoln's bedroom) at 8th and Jackson in Springfield, Illinois on June 17, 1990

Description: A bearded Lincoln. Ostendorf started the artwork from scratch. He drew Lincoln as a young man (beardless). He then displayed this art work next to another beardless Lincoln, which Phil Wagner commissioned him to create so that Lincoln would have a twin temporarily that day. These two pieces of art work were placed side-by-side so one could appreciate the resemblance between the two. Then Ostendorf proceeded to Age Lincoln by adding the beard, wrinkles and other strokes of his chalk pencil.

After signing his name, Ostendorf duplicated the A. Lincoln signature at the bottom, and then wrote: June 17, 1990 (sketched in Lincoln bedroom).

All the while Ostendorf was drawing and talking, he was being video-taped by Ed Janik, a professional photographer. The 'live unrehearsed remarks' by the artist are a long-held secret, and I have only permitted a few to be sold by Chuck Hand. The copyrighted video is approximately an hour long.

Prints: (30 available) 8" x 11" $16.95 each
Video is the property of Donna Aschenbrenner and shehas sole rights.

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