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Subject: One (1) hour video of the late international Lincoln artist, Lloyd Ostendorf, sketching Lincoln in the 2nd floor bedroom of Lincoln's Home at 8th & Jackson on June 17, 1990. Wagner owns all rights to video and the art work seen in the video.

Description: A lifetime of fascination flows through Lloyd Ostendorf's fingers. As he talks, Ostendorf sketches a young Lincoln without a beard. At this point, he exhibits a twin young Lincoln which he was contracted to do before he came to complete this contract. Then, he beings"aging" the portrait B adding the full beard, the deep lines, the five sets of wrinkles. The Aging of a President. In the video, Ostendorf stated,"Some people considered Lincoln ugly. He was a wrinkly skinned person. His ears were big. His nose was big and crooked. His eyes were big. He had pockmarks, an odd little lump on his lower lip. He had a flesh-colored mole on the left side of the cheek. He had a big Adam's apple, a long neck. UGLY? No, he had a sort of rugged beauty. His eyes had a certain dreaminess. They were as transparent as an alabaster vase. They were honest eyes. You believed in Lincoln, you trusted Lincoln when you looked into his eyes."

"I'm still learning about Lincoln's face," he admits. "New material, new pictures are still surfacing."

Each Video $39.95 (shipping included)
All rights to the video $10,000.00

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