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Print from original chalk pencil-wash by the late Ostendorf

Click Picture for Larger View7-1-72

Subject: A beardless Lincoln used in the video on June 17, 1990, second floor of the Lincoln Home at 8th and Jackson.

Description: Ostendorf created this beardless Lincoln in his Dayton, Ohio studio. This art was pre-planned by Phil Wagner in order to have a young beardless Lincoln to be used to compare to the art work being created on the 2nd floor of Lincoln's Home in A. Lincoln's bedroom. This beardless Lincoln became a twin at one point in Ostendorf's 'aging' the young Lincoln he created on June 17, 1990 in Lincoln's bedroom for Phil Wagner. Ostendorf dated the chalk pencil-wash 1990. This artwork became a part of the video by Ed Janik.


Prints (15 available) 8" x 11" $10.00 each

Video is the property of Donna Aschenbrenner, and she has sole rights.


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