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A. Lincoln with Compass and Chain

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8.5" x 11"
Approx. 190 pages

Lincolnís work as a surveyor was first documented by Adin Baber, a surveyor from southeastern Illinois.  While researching his genealogical connection to the family of Lincolnís mother, Nancy Hanks, Mr. Baber began to document Abraham Lincolnís surveying work.

Before his death in the 1970s,  Mr. Baber researched early surveying instruments made by the Hanks family, studied the surveying laws under which Abraham Lincoln worked, and resurveyed and redrew plats from many original Lincoln surveys.  He visited the towns Lincoln helped lay out and even located some of the bearing trees Lincoln used to establish critical survey points.

Mr. Baber then published a book, A. Lincoln with Compass and Chain, to document his research.  This book contains much of the information we know today about how Lincoln practiced surveying, and it became the impetus for the Lincoln Surveyor Statue Project.


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