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Abraham Lincoln
Portrait Poster
by Artist & Designer
Greg Walbert
Springfield, Illinois

Abraham Lincoln Presidential
Library Dedication

History In The Making
2 Parts

Abraham Lincoln Presidential
Museum Dedication

Original 60 Page Supplement


$175.00 for 25.5" x 18.5" Color Print Only

1937 - Lincoln the Wresler - 1938
1939 - Lincoln the Soldier - 1940
1940 - Pioneer Transportation - 1941
1941 - Lincoln the Postmaster - 1942
1942 - Lincoln the Lawyer
1944 - Lincoln the Thinker - 1945
1944 - Lincoln the Arbiter - 1945
1945 - Pioneer Industry - 1946
1946 - Romance - 1947
1947 - Lincoln the Campaigner - 1948
?? - Goin' Fishin'

1949 - Lincoln the Pilot - 1950
1950 - Lincoln and Mary Owens - 1951
1951 - Lincoln the Circuit Rider - 1952

1952 - Lincoln the Candidate - 1953
1954 - Lincoln the President - 3x

Wresler  Soldier

Pioneer  Postmaster

$275.00 for Print With Calendar
1944 - Lincoln the Arbiter
25.5" x 28"

1955 - Farewell to Illinois - 1956
November, December & January Only

The Lincoln Surveyor Statue Project
Limited Surveyor Prints Available

The Aging of a President - 60 Minute Video

Abe Lincoln 200th Anniversary
Birthday Commemorative
Artwork Print


"The Aging of a President"

60 Minute Video
Ostendorf Drawing The President
Ostendorf sketches a young Lincoln and then transforms him into an aged Lincoln.
Filmed in Lincoln's Own Bedroom
in Springfield, Illinois.

New Lincoln-Berry Collectables

Souvenir Piece of Wood from the Berry House
Lincoln Berry Collectables

Profits will be donated to New Salem's Lincoln League and other local organizations.

All wood frames are unique.
Picture matting is a light shade of green.

Very Limited Edition Prints Framed in Rustic Wood from the Berry House


Limited Quanity Gavel and Stiker Plate Sets made of the Wood from the Berry House
Lincoln Berry Collectables

Profits will be donated to New Salem's Lincoln League and other local organizations.
House DividedspacespaceOh Captainspacespace Passion
Abraham Lincoln Portrait Posters
by Artist & Designer Greg Walbert, Springfield, Illinois
Abraham Lincoln 200th Anniversary Print - By Boggs
This colorful Lincoln print would make a great addition to any home or office. This 200th Anniversary print features some Springfield architecture including the old and current State Capitol Buildings, the Presidential Library and the Great Western Railroad Depot where Mr. Lincoln gave his speech before departing for Washington. From the Berry-Lincoln Store to Lincoln's Tomb, it also includes statues from Springfield and New Salem.
Abraham Lincoln "My Friends"
Limited Numbered Prints
by Joseph Boggs
Artist & Illustrator
Springfield, Illinois